Steps on painting a photo onto a canvas using grid method

Best things or most memorable moments usually can be captured by taking photos. With photo, people can bring back their memories. For this reason, many people usually want to change their best photos into some things more special, such as painting. They want to draw their photo into a real painting on a canvas. Painting usually has bigger size than photo, and we wouldn’t recommend even trying Golden house painting. Thus, drawing your photo on canvas can make it more outstanding. However, drawing a photo onto canvas is not an easy thing to do. You need to understand the right steps in order to get great painting. In this article, we will discuss the steps on painting a photo onto a canvas using grid method.

One of the most useful ways to transfer photos into canvas is using grid method. Grid method offers simple steps so it will be easy and simple. You not only can transfer an image, you can also enlarge it. The time required depends on the size of the painting. If you want to draw detailed and large painting then you may need more time to do it.

The first stage of steps on painting a photo onto a canvas using grid method is preparing a copy of the image or photo you want to draw. You also have to prepare ruler and a tool to draw. In this case, if you are going to draw on canvas then it will be better if you use charcoal. If you use this, you need to make sure to draw the lines lightly so that it will be easy to erase them later. Actually, lines made from charcoal are still easier to be erased than those made from pencil. This is one of the best characteristics of charcoal. You may erase charcoal lines by using only towel or rag.

After preparing all equipments, the next stage of steps on painting a photo onto a canvas using grid method is drawing grid lines over your photo. After you finish making the grid you need to draw another grid with the same size or equal ratio on your canvas. This is an essential step and need to be done carefully. If the ratio or the measurement is not right your painting may be distorted. To make it clear, let’s say that your photo size is 4”x6”. If you want to make your painting the same size as your original photo, it means you will have to draw four squares vertically and six squares horizontally. When you want to enlarge your painting, then you can make your painting to be 8”x12” or16”x 24”. You just have to multiple them. The lines should be straight and the squares should be well measured.

The next stage on steps on painting a photo onto a canvas using grid method is drawing the object. You may start to draw based on the photo on your canvas. You need to focus to one square first and move to other parts after you finish. It will help you to draw faster and more detailed. After you are finished, you can erase or paint over the grid lines. It is up to you.

We hope the steps on painting a photo onto a canvas using grid method will be helpful for you.


Basic Guides to Understand About the World of Photography for Starters

Most people wish to take great photos to get unforgettable memories.  Or, to others, they take photos for creativity and becoming a professional.  With photography, it can be a tough business and profession.  If you wish to become a professional photographer, you have to have good marketing skills to help market your work.  Not only do you have to take good shots, you have to bring your photos to a competitive market.  In addition, many professionals spent half of their time taking photos, and the other half for marketing their business.  Here are few tips to start you off in the photography field.

Networking with other photographers is significant to guide you to a higher level of photography.  Once you start networking, keep in touch with your fellow photographers to further your career and to develop beneficial relationships by getting more clients and for your own income as well.  At the same time, it’s also important to build a credible portfolio of your own professional presentation.  Another way you can reach the market is by specializing and distinguishing yourself until you earn a reputation.  What will be your area of expertise in photography should be one of your main reasons for success in the business.

A part of being a photographer is to get a good camera indeed.  Other photography equipment such as lenses, special lighting, photo editing software, tripods, etc. are must have items.  Make sure you also have the time to take photos on a regular basis.  This will give you more experience, practice and knowing more of your camera and camera settings, because it will be your number one friend out in the field.  Challenge yourself to chase great photos on set.  Set a vision of what you will be focusing on every shot, so you won’t go home with a lot of bad photos.  Hence, have your camera with you at all times.

To be able to understand the world of photography, there is no need to go to school for it.  However, if you love a structured learning environment, then why not go to photography school.  The only thing about going to school is that it takes so much time while you could be spending your time taking improved photos, doing marketing and starting your own business.  Meanwhile, reading more books about photography will improve your knowledge and understanding.  There are also photography magazines that will have guides for beginner photographers.  You should then analyze your own photos and know what makes it a good one.

As you read the tips above, you will already figure out photography is a very expensive profession and hobby.  Just from the tools you needed to get great photos are highly luxurious. What you should do is to start being a freelance photographer and then work your way up.  Gradually invest in the right tools as you get experienced in the process just before you decided to become a professional and to start your own business.  In the long run, with good attitude and positive energy, you can achieve your success as long as you have the creativity to make that perfect photo every single time.

Five Awesome Places to See the World Better through Photography (Asia)

Popular photography sites listed some of the best places to take photography photos.  Let’s focus on five of the most interesting places in Asia.  Asia as you know is well known by their cultural heritage, customs and traditions.  The people, spicy food, cultural festivals and many more are the main reason best photography took place.  Some of the places in Asia have affordable tour packages for your accommodation.  If you love water photography, Asia will also be perfect to find places to do underwater shots.  Browse around and see which places you prefer to take photos while seeing the world better in pictures.

Holi is a Hindu tradition celebrated in the spring in India and Nepal, also known as the festival of colors and sharing love with family, friends and loved ones.  Holi is a very unique tradition involving a spiritual atmosphere and bright colors.  It’s a perfect timing for photography and a moment to travel while enjoying the singing and joyful dancing.  Make sure you cover and protect your cameras and other photography tools especially from the colored powder.  Hence, Goa is also a popular place for photography in India.  Goa is known for its stunning beaches, amazing architectures and diverse flora and fauna for you who love taking outdoor photos.

Next stop is the Island of Bali, Indonesia.  If you just love taking photos of the beautiful sunset and incredible beaches, Bali is the place.  Also known for their Hindu cultural traditions, Bali has been known among photographers who can get amazing shots of the people, sceneries and many more at this stunning paradise.  Bali Kite festival, the Bali Arts Festival, Ogoh-Ogoh Festival or giants and demon like statues are among the top must seen festivals that are extremely good for photography photos.  In addition, Bali is also famous among fashion photographers who shots models from one of the America’s Next Top Model season.

Hong Kong and China, one country but separate systems of government are also a worldwide known of tourism places.  Although Hong Kong is a very international country, it is so mesmerizing in so many levels. It is the most perfect place for street and architectural photography.  China on the other hand, is a place to capture their unique sceneries.  The Great Wall of China is unbelievable and surreal.  Their mountain-high pillars at Zhangjiajie can be something quite breathtaking.  Travel around the spring and autumn is a good time to photograph the originality and authenticity of the country’s peaceful and natural environment.

Finally, our number five on the list is Cambodia.  A trip to Angkor Wat’s ancient city, a well preserved heritage site offers stunning wide-angle views and complex designs especially during sunset.  A unique sacred site to visit is Ta Prohm temple at Angkor Wat.  At this temple, giant strangling and crumbling tree roots are present.  Gather all your photography tools and prepare yourself to create durable images.  In addition, Cambodia is filled with rich photo opportunities to engage your camera with.  Both a classic and alternative tour to Cambodia’s fine country will leave you without a single bad photo and its worth to go for.